Appliance Servicing

We are able to service and maintain most types of natural gas and lpg appliances.

Get them checked and keep them safe:-

Every year about 14 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by appliances or flues that have not been properly serviced or maintained. When an appliance does not burn properly, carbon monoxide is produced. This is a poisonous, tasteless, odourless gas and can kill without warning in a matter of hours.

All consumers are advised to have their appliances and/or flues checked for safety at least once a year by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

By law, all Landlords are required to have appliances and/or flues in their properties checked every year for safety, backed up with a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate for that property .

Always check your Engineer is Gas Safe registered by asking to see their ID card. This card has the Engineer photograph, his/her details and the type of work they are competent to carry out.